Labor Management


Using our automated Time and Attendance products from HireLevel makes payroll preparation easier than ever. You no longer have to gather all of your employees’ information, calculate the total number of hours and re-key the data. All this is done seamlessly, accurately and in a FLSA compliant manner. Employees can even view their daily time worked on each pay stub. In addition, our system makes it virtually impossible to submit inaccurate time data, eliminating the temptation for employees to submit inaccurate time sheets. Proven to save up to 5-10% in payroll costs, our clients can avoid the thousands of dollars in lost profits, overtime, taxes, and hazards that time-theft costs the average company every year.

Web Options

Used in conjunction with Employer on the Go, our web clocks securely upload inreal time, providing 24/7 web access to our users. Clients can view labor reports and/or edit transactions though out the pay period. Hence making payroll preparation accurate and hassle free.

In addition to our swipe clocks, HireLevel now offers time collection options via PC (Web) clock, Ethernet (Flex) clock, smart phone, finger print & bio-metric scanner and GPS tracking, all available through WebTime.  Guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the most technology savvy client, Carolina Pay Pros’ WebTime family of products seamlessly interfaces with our payroll platform to provide users with total “punch to paycheck automation”.  For more information on WebTime, you can click here or follow the link below to log on as a demo user.  Your HireLevel representative is also available to explain WebTime in more detail!

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