Complete Payroll Services

Leave your payday to the pros! Fast, accurate and friendly service is just part of why HireLevel has become the desired payroll choice among southeast business owners. You will find our client enrollment and set up process to be smooth and interruption free. Once enrolled, our reports and pay stubs will prove to be flexible, comprehensive and user friendly. Communicating your payroll data has never been easier. We give you the freedom to choose from one of the following methods: Online, E-mail, Fax, or Telephone. We never commit our clients to a specific “call in” time. Our varied input options give you the flexibility to submit payroll on your schedule, not ours.

As a valued HireLevel payroll client, you will also have the following products and services available to you.

Payroll Tax Service
TaxPro Service
With our TaxPro service, HireLevel keeps our clients in compliance by guaranteeing the accuracy and timeliness of filing and depositing of all federal, state and local taxes. We offer our TaxPro service with or without an impound option giving you ultimate control of your cash flow! In addition, clients receive employer copies of all quarterly returns and W-2’s.Business TaxPro Service
In addition to the ACH transfer of payroll taxes, HireLevel offers the payment of other tax types under our Business TaxPro service. Corporate 1120, 945 & state 401k distribution taxes are just samples of what we can submit on behalf of our clients.

365 Online Access

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between our three cloud based payroll platforms:

Employer OnDemand
This easy to use, scalable and secure online payroll system provides you with a flexible and reliable resource for payroll data collection, review, reporting and printing. Employer OnDemand is designed to accommodate any size organization. By not taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we provide a highly customizable platform tailored to meet all your business demands.

Employer on the GO
Employer on the GO allows you to experience the convenience of hassle free payroll, HR and timekeeping, wherever you go! Now you can process your payroll, run reports and manage your data anytime, from anywhere on any device. It is easy-to-use, allowing your company’s workforce management process to be done in a few clicks. Truly embrace the conveniences mobile with Employer on the GO!

My Employer on the GO
Interested in providing a premier, secure source for individuals to access, store and manage their personal information? My GO provides the employer, manager and employee an all inclusive tool to engage and communicate HR information, Benefits, Time & Attendance & PTO requests from anywhere on any device.

Employee Self Service
Are you ready to go paperless? Enjoy complete mobility as you access paystub, benefits & tax information from any device, anytime. This allows employers freedom from the administrative burdens and questions while enjoying the efficiencies and environmental benefits of converting to our paperless payroll solution.

Internet Report Posting
Forget about waiting for your payroll to be delivered! Once enrolled in our Online Posting Service you will have access to payroll reports and checks via the Internet as soon as your payroll is processed. It is as simple as visiting our secure Web site and entering your identification code and password. You can then view/print or download and store any of your payroll reports, checks, tax reports and W-2′s. Internet report posting is a favorite amongst CPA’s, 401k Administrators and anyone who needs to view your payroll data on a regular basis.

Complete Pay
The ultra-simple payroll! We make a single debit from your account and handle all administration of your payroll from a local certified HireLevel account. Enjoy confidentiality, security and freedom from bank reconciliation with Complete Pay.

401K Reporting & Export Services
Let the Pros handle your sensitive 401k deferral and match calculations. Our Export writer allows us to create export templates which are virtually compatible with any 401k company’s requirements. Additionally, our ability to create year end census files will guarantee your business stays in compliance year after year!

General Ledger Interface
The HireLevel General Ledger Interface service employs several formats for all Sage/Peachtree and QuickBooks users. This enables clients to export detailed payroll information, making General Ledger input seamless and straightforward. Any date range can be used for the export, giving clients the increased flexibility they need. Clients even get the employee and employer detailed information without having to shuffle through reports and exporting the check register. It is a great time saver for reconciling all their payroll checks.

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